Applied Programming - Learn by Doing

ApprenticeWorks provides classes and services to teach coding with an emphasis on applications and problem solving. Programming is a career predicated on learning not memorizing syntax and our courses reflect that reality. Our programs foster a passion for coding and problem solving, teach passionate students to be self-sufficient learners and share craft knowledge through apprenticeship with experienced developers.

Summer 2017 Preregistration Information

Classes being offered in Bergen and Morris counties on topics including web development, game programming, robotics and engineering.

Information For Parents

Our classes balance a desire for continuation with reality by offering varying levels of commitment. During the summer students can take short classes with high commitment to work around family vacations and take advantage of free time. Scale back to classes that don't require outside commitment during busy sports seasons while still continuing the programming education.

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Information For Educators

We provide curriculum subscriptions, a teaching platform, professional development (no programming experience necessary to start), and program implementation. We can provide the resources for, and help to implement, programs ranging from after school classes to full multi-year curriculum, train the teachers and provide ongoing support.

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